Artist Kevin Quinn

Kevin Quinn is an internationally published self-taught Contemporary Artist and Photographer that specializes in Abstract Architecture Photography. Kevin's photography focuses on urban architecture as abstract forms and finds human qualities that they possess. Kevin's Architecture Art has been published six years in a row, in several world-wide magazines and has sold his artwork nationally. 


Kevin has been published in Amateur Photographer Magazine, Photography Week MagazineEdge of Humanity Magazine, Yes We Are Magazine, Envira Gallery, Photos Worth Seeing, Abstract Daily, The Photographer's Society, Camera Raw and Voyage Atlanta Magazine.


Kevin's architecture pieces have gone out to cities all across the United States: Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Trenton NJ, Chicago IL, New York City, Hartford CT, Oakland CA, Philadelphia PA, Des Moines IA, Alpharetta GA, Conshohocken PA, Powder Springs GA, St. Louis MO, Pasadena CA, Princeton NJ, Memphis TN, Stamford CT Springfield MO, and Framingham MA.  


Kevin's first in depth artist interview was published in Voyage Atlanta Magazine and had six of his pieces featured.


Recently, Kevin was published in Edge of Humanity's "No Middleman" Art Gallery which is an online gallery that features artists from around the world. He was also recently invited by Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid Spain to participate in the International Contemporary Art Fair Bruxelles 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. 


Kevin is represented by TurningArt, Curate Art Group and Edge of Humanity's "No Middleman" Art Gallery.



"I'm attracted to these buildings for the human qualities they possess. The intersecting lines leaning into each other merge the two structures into one singular pulse. Steel, glass and concrete become skin, breath and a heartbeat. It's not entirely unlike the human desire to become unified with someone. I have always been fascinated by the Human Condition and strive to illuminate that with all my Architectural Photography."

-Interview with Amateur Photographer Magazine discussing Published Photo "Lovers"



Kevin incorporates many different styles into his architecture photography including elements of POP Art,  Digital Art, Portrait and Street Photography and has over 800 pieces in his portfolio. 


Kevin never takes a photo of an entire building. He focuses on parts rather than the whole. He has learned in life that beautiful parts or moments will eventually create a beautiful life as a whole.


"I am constantly doing my art: photography and painting.  When my brain gets tired from one, I switch to the other.  It helps me reset and keep things fresh.  Sometimes I take a break from both and have realized that even though I am not physically doing it, I’m still creating because I’m thinking about it.   Creating and executing aren’t necessarily simultaneous."


"I'm presenting buildings in a different way. I'm exploring the human condition through inanimate objects and communicating that through abstract contemporary architecture photography."


Kevin is influenced by Andy Warhol, Edouard Boubat, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Rothko, and Alexander Rodchenko. Kevin has been told by other artists and followers that they see Picasso, M.C. Escher, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Victor Vaserely and Edgar Degas in his work.



"When I am at a certain location on the street, buildings become one at certain angles. The buildings resonate to radiate energy and the city breathes."



Kevin is from Philadelphia, PA and a USMC Veteran.  He enjoys all the arts, writing, reading, cooking, and plays the drums. He attends the symphony and art galleries every chance he gets.





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Boston, Massachusetts 


Curate Art Group

San Francisco, California


Edge of Humanity's "No Middleman" Art Gallery


Available for commissions, representation and art gallery shows worldwide.
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