"Kevin, you have so many truly unique works and I enjoy following your unique vision. It is wonderfully original. Your titles enhance your already quality-rich work. You may be from Atlanta, but your bold and beautiful work has that Manhattan, NYC high quality gallery punch to it! Museum quality my friend. Bravo!"


"mind blowing composition"


"Stunning Piece"


"gorgeous work! very inspirational!"


"Kevin, I don't know how it is that you give life and emotion to bircks and glass, but you do. These architectural shots are breathtaking. They are almost alive. The angle, the light, the severity of the angle is perfection. Your work is blowing me away !"


"Fantastic visual poetry, wonderful way to tell a story"


"Thanks for filling up my world with your amazing artwork. I enjoy it everyday."


"OMG It is like they are in LOVE. Two buildings standing together thru the years. This is really striking and beautiful Kevin! This is represents exactly what I have been saying about the buildings being human. I can almost hear their heartbeats."


"You managed to find beauty in this man made jungle."


"This is so cool!! So many layers and levels! There is so many photos within a photo, giving it so much depth! The colors, again so fantastic, so much like looking thru a kaliediscope!! Another photo/art piece that pushes the boundaries and pops off the screen, very dynamic!!"


"I enjoy your use of color"


"Great image: It's urban. It's alternative."


"Stunning shot and perfect details, Kevin, continue like this!"


"WOW Visually stunning! The color is popping off the screen, the graphic of the building is so interesting. Really a fantastic shot, your style is evolving and so fresh. It continues to push boundaries of typical architecture, and has become art. FANTASTIC I really love this!!"


"Another geometric gem"


"The title is perfect"


"This, Kevin, is fine art! I like all the nice different tones of grey! The flash of the sun in the windows of the tower and the open window in the left house make this to a masterpeace! Great!"




"Fantastic work Kevin! Always a pleasure to watch your abstractive work"


"Mind Blown"


"Good pop art shot, well seen and done, Kevin."




"Your image 'Lovers' has been selected to appear in the Online Pic of the Week section of our magazine. It will appear in our 3 October issue. As a prize you receive a high quality print of your image from PermaJet. -Amateur Photographer Magazine


"Wow this is very 3D and futuristic! Love the colors, incredible symetry and form, almost missed thhe hidden figure in thhe middle, its an interesting surprise!!"


"Great Shot"


"Wonderful graphics and contrasting colors"


"So beautiful!"


"Brilliant color, just pops off the screen! Really unique way of mixing street and architecture, great graphic mix as well!"


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"I like your manipulation in architecture photography :)"


"well seen and done Kevin ! Greetings from Holland"




"Beautiful B&W night architecture building picture, well taken Kevin!"


 "you really catch perfect photos.. Your timing and angles are so beautiful.." 


"The title is so amazing, the color of the building is so peaceful. They actually look like they are laying together. So beautiful and lovely."


"Fantastic shot!! Amazing composition and light!!"


"We are amazed by your photographies and would love to know if you would be happy with us using some of your art in our videos."


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"May be the most important photograph on Flickr."


"amazing photographic poetry"


"Wow! This should be illegal, its awesome! It feels as if these buildings are shifting forward in a frantic way, like some sort of menacing chess game! That's just my own interpretation. I Love it!"


"I have no words, its stunning!! I love the editing and the composition, so beautiful and the color is fantastic. You are so blowing me away with your art!!!"


"Spectacular composition!"


"I LOVE THIS!! Its a bouquet of buildings! I think its so interesting how they all seem to come from one point and interesect into the frame. The bit of color on the bricks is soooo well done, I almost didnt notice it. It really brings out the texture of the buildings and the contrast of each of them. The point at the bottom of the frame really gives the eye a sharp starting point and leads it right up to these beautiful buildings bursting from this integral point. ANOTHER AWESOME piece of architectural photographic art. Very well created."


"superior! congrats!"


"Mysterious, powerful and frightening. Great shot!"


"Wonderful juxtaposition of patterns!"


"Love your titles"


"Amazing contrast!! The editing is so flawless, and the image is so cool, the perspective makes them look exactly like building blocks, like they were snapped together. Wonderful art!!! Love this!!"


"Really interesting picture. Lot's of lines and patterns going on. Well done!"




"The photo works even upside down!!"


"Such an electric shot! The vibrancy reminds me of neon signs, such a cool shot very fluid in this one as well. The reflections and movement and connection of the two structures is fantastic. Perfect composition and filling of the frame. Beautiful work!"


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"Fantastic Color"


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"Great Art"


"Fantastic, this has so much intrigue and movement. The ink blots appear to be people and in that adding a bit of mystery. Really vibrant and electric!"


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"I really like this one Kevin, this has something quite special about it. It really draws you in!"


 "We Love You!"




"Has an Italian architectural feel to it as well. So bold and striking. I really love it."


"Amazing work"


"Very special, and creative. Excellent work!"


"Very beautiful image!!"


"Its so brilliant. The buildings leaning into each other and connected by the arc detail, the colors, all of it gives such a sense of love, and connection. Its so thoughtfully composed, and the title competely describes the emotional vibe that just bounces from the image. Really beautifully captured and represented by the title."




"Wonderful composite processing!
Very Creative Work, Compliments!" 


"just beautiful!"


"Love this photograph:-)) great processing"


"Excellent work....love it !!!"


"WOW I dont know where to begin!! This is an exceptional piece!! The bold intensity is so powerful. It is so editorial, like ive said before, could be even a very haunting firey toile wallpaper! There is a story within a story in this piece. The shapes of the figures are so delicate to the red and lines cutting thru the image. I really really think this is one of your very best pieces ive seen from you. There is layers of story to this and its haunting and chilling!! LOVE IT"


"fabulous photograph and artwork' 


"Definitely Shock of the New!!"


"Great work indeed! Wonderfully done!"


"Great composition"


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It's a great Engineering As Art Picture Composition!"


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"This is so cool!! So many layers and levels! There is so many photos within a photo, giving it so much depth! The colors, again so fantastic, so much like looking thru a kaliediscope!! Another photo/art piece that pushes the boundaries and pops off the screen, very dynamic!"


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"So ethereal! There is something quiet and calm and ambient abouy this shot! Beautiful choice of colors and so dynamic as well! Beautiful!"


"Really fantastic and has a vintage art poster design! So bold and striking, great composition and color! One of your most creative, love it!"


"Cool abstract"


"Really innovative artwork here kevin,this is quite unique! Really like where your style is going. There's massive demand for this kind of style amongst private collectors here in the uk. You should definitely aim for London."


"Great tribute to Van Gogh in blue and yellow!"


"Always Fabulous"


"So much intensity and heat! Between. the structure and the color, they portray such strength and boldness! Thee hidden female in the shot really portrays so much intrigue and delicate juxtaposition to the rest of the photo!"


"Excellent Art"


"holy cow...what great depth...nice!"


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"Wonderful Capture"


"Lighting up the world, with your Black & white Photography!"


"Love the asymetrical balance and the way the buildings are just slightly visible!! Beautiful colors as well, very complimentary to the design!!"


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"Stunning metropolis capture!"